Vietnamese Placement Test


Instruction for Vietnamese Placement Test

 1) Expected proficiency: Every semester, students can register for a Vietnamese Placement Test that will determine a student’s proficiency level within the language. If you would like to test out of four semesters of Vietnamese at University of Michigan, you need to take written and oral tests that prove you have proficiency of Vietnamese by anyone who has completed four semesters of Vietnamese at UM. Your Test may be assessed in the way that will place you in different Vietnamese classes at University of Michigan, based on the result of your test performance.

2) Required steps to take Vietnamese Placement test:
– Register at the Google Form:  (Type your answers in Vietnamese as the proof that you can type in Vietnamese to be able to complete the written test)
– Enroll in Canvas Viet Placement Test :
– Complete the Oral submission Assignment in Canvas (this will prove that you can communicate in Vietnamese virtually via Canvas to complete the oral test)
– Make sure that you can type in Vietnamese with your computer. If you do not know how to type in Vietnamese,check this link and learn LINK

Contact Cô Thúy Anh Nguyễn ( for further information.

You can find more information about Vietnamese classes at UM from this HOME.